Taking Pride in Your Work

Taking pride in one’s work is both a blessing and a curse. I prefer to think it’s a curse. If anyone has ever worked in menial labour job they know exactly what I mean. For example, I have a friend who works in a retail store on the weekends part time to make a little extra money. It’s certainly not the job that University prepared for her and she really has no plans to stay there, but for now it gives her a little extra stability while her other business takes off.

I know lots of people who have part time jobs, although not all of them have pride in their work. She is constantly telling me tales of how her co-workers slack off while she is left to finish the work that they don’t care about. What drives her to do this? Why should she care so much that everything is done correctly? Does anyone know the answer to this question?

By being conscientious about her work, fixing other people’s mistakes, showing up on time, and being a responsible worker, she has inadvertently become an enabler for all those that display poor working habits. Through her hard work and toil they are becoming successes. Albeit she’s not sure what successful heights they are reaching- since it’s in retail, but nonetheless, she isn’t making her life any richer by helping them.

Why then does she continue to toil at this thankful job, picking up after all those co-workers who happily try to do the least amount of work possible- while earning the same money? I think it’s because she’s basically a good person, and even though she will refuse to admit that until her dying day, the fact of the matter is that she actually cares what people think about her and that would mean death. And really is it so bad to be good?

Now excuse me while I go knock back another scotch and think of some more amazing items to discuss on my blog.

p.s Tip number 3: Remember when they say clean up in aisle 2- it’s best not to look.


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