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Hi there, thanks for checking out my contact page.

My submissions page is currently closed. Thanks, Brian

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  1. Lawrence Higa

    Dear Brian,
    I did read your advice on writing to agents, thank you. May I ask why you loathe golf books as I have one that I feel (and others) that is quite revolutionary in that it shows a golfer how to embrace what causes the yips and use them to fix your putting? As there are some 40 million golfers in North America alone and approximately 25-43% of them suffer from the yips, the potential market is enormous.

  2. Hello Brian,
    I am a multi-media artist seeking a literary agent. I published an online magazine, called Sister Media – Women’s Business and Survival Magazine. . It is quite “authentic and non fiction”. As my websites in the past have been hacked (the Russians didn’t like the Russian Spam joke and image. The Russian Federation were the last to view it before they shut it down) I have decided that publishing a series of books based on the series of articles with photography/graphic arts, etc.. would increase subscription and sales. Additionally, I am preparing a radio station podcast to cover the issues in the magazine (synergy). Although an agent to negotiate book publishing is one aspect I am looking for, I am also looking for an agent to assist me with syndication, and finding investors for the magazine. I am about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the magazine, an Indigogo campaign for the podcasting (crowdfunding sources) then switch them out. Not only do I hope to attract advertisers and new readers, but also potential investors.

    Yes, it’s a big venture, by writing articles rather than just an entire book (think chapters) I am able to organically write as events evolve. There seems to be an Alphabet series (i.e. “A” is for Assault, “B” is for Bitches, “C” is for Cops, “D” is for Dicks, Depends and Dependence…) All true stories with links, referring back to other stories, images, and sometimes funny, always true and authentic and sometimes a little shocking.

    Let me know what you think. I understand you may not be interested in this venture, but if you could direct me to someone who could and would take me on as a client, it would be great.

    Maria Miccoli

  3. Jeff Schneider

    Brian, I have your football book if you are interested.

  4. devon

    Hey Brian: Just wanted to say how much I liked (in a bitter, dark way) your poem “Shoah” from Mad Swirl. What a great voice that one had. Wish there were a way to repost it. I know MadSwirl poems disappear in a week.

  5. Hi Brian,

    I have completed a book – 22 Feet – and in fact have already published it. However, I struggle with how and where to market the book. The book is about soccer and one of the most incredible college soccer teams ever in NCAA Division I history – Davidson College 1992. I originally printed a very small number of books in the first print (just printed a month ago), but want to get a perspective as to how big and wide the potential audience might be. Is that something you do or can help with?

    Not sure if an “agent” helps with marketing or simply publishing. Thanks for your advice.


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