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Moving on Up

So if you landed here, then this website is actually working. And you may have noticed my new look. I chose this football header because I am crazy about football. I wish the NFL was on all year round.

There is nothing I like better than leaning back on my couch, with a scotch in hand, and  enjoying the excitement of the 3rd quarter.

I REALLY love sports, so it makes sense that I’m primarily a Sports Literary Agent. I sell other books, but they are generally non-fiction.

Next week I am off to the East to meet with clients and publishers. I haven’t been out there since last September, so I’m really looking forward to the trip. It’s also the first trip with my associate, publicist Rachel Sentes (gal-fridaypublicity). She hasn’t been there in over 25 years and is looking forward to meeting her new clients as well.  So stay tuned and I’ll update you on the exciting world of a Literary Agent!

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