Poetry Collections by Brian Wood

Winter Walk: A Collection of Poems, is the debut book of poetry from Canadian poet Brian Wood. Served up in the style of classical poems, this collection of verse channels all the old poets like Frost, Whitman, and Hopkins, and does so with a reverence and respect for the tradition of poetry that we see today being widely appreciated as contemporary voices of poets all over. Brian mixes and mingles with the best of them, and his collection of verse certainly aspires to remind us about where poetry came from and remind us about where it can go, which is to say an expedition that helps us all recall and recant memories and experiences that are as timeless as poetry itself.

The New book by Brian Wood

We invite you to listen to a sample of poetry readings from Winter Walk.

Winter Walk is now available  in hard copy and E-book formats at following retailers:

Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1gf9Sgz  (hard copy)
Kindle: http://amzn.to/Iga2Ik  (kindle)

Smashwords: http://sakura-publishing.com/product/winter-walk/

Sakura Publishing:  http://sakura-publishing.com/product/winter-walk/

For a sample of his poetry please visit: 

ON http://madswirl.com/



ON http://contraposition.wordpress.com/




Weekend Getaway at Generic Hotel: Brian Wood’s second book is an attempt, like his first book, to bring poetry and prose back to something formal and elegant. Something you might remember beyond novelty. Moving between history, politics, faith, memory, and poems about love itself, Wood’s second collection is a reminder that not all poetry must be “postmodern” or only have the poet himself/herself as the subject.

Once described as “the real thing” by a professor of English at the University of Ottawa, Brian Wood’s new book is an attempt to stand apart from much of the poetry written today. This collection of prose and poetry pays homage to many of Wood’s favorites—Larkin, Dante, Frost, Auden and Donne—while striking a voice of his own—quiet, subdued, but sometimes unsparing. Some pieces are about history, others about the modern church, others about faith and belief, but the best poems are probably the ones about love itself.

Reviews: “Read if you need to be reminded what poetry once did for you in dark times, because you will be surprised by what real poetry can still do. Wood shies from no subject that attracts his squinting vision and jaded sensibilities, and those subjects are most often what we all look away from, except in dreams and nightmares and great literature. His poems immediately engage with a surprising turn on the mundane, then move through narrative arcs that shine with realistic surprises, satiric swipes, humorous recognition, and endings that are epiphanic, revelatory, as they implicate poet as well as reader in a world falling fast with the weight of our secular sinning, a North-American culture that seems fated to fail, and is redeemed, if it can be at all, only by human sympathy worked through in words and language and story such as these poems display masterfully at every turn. The poems really are that good: they bring it.” Amazon.ca

“Brian Wood paints with words. Raw, real, visual – his poetry and short prose draw you into the moments of life. What’s extraordinary about Brian’s work is that he draws on everyday places, real places, and shows us the things we don’t yet see. Some are beautiful, some are remarkable, some are dark but all are true. A beautiful read from a brilliant Canadian poet.” Amazon.ca

“Brian Wood is engaged in the heroic task of saving Canadian poetry from triviality and obscurity. His work is both accessible and well crafted, serious and contemporary, poignant and thoughtful. I can’t wait to read all of *Weekend Getaway.*” Amazon.com

Weekend Getaway at Generic Hotel  is now available  in hard copy and E-book formats at following retailers:


In Brian Wood’s third collection of poetry, each word has been meticulously chosen, and each stanza is a technical marvel enveloping readers into a nostalgic journey into the beauty and inelegance of our humanity. The author’s hope is that readers will be reminded of such inspirational writers, including Dante, W. H. Auden, Shakespeare, Frost, and Philip Larkin. Readers will delight in recognizing the sweetness of a new love in Starlings At The First Frost Of Fall and Prothalamion, have their hearts shattered by the familiar grief of losing a family pet in So Happy in Heaven and come to grips with our fragile existence in Dr. Z, Relapse, Emergency Room, and Le Patient Malgre Lui. In Frosty Facts For Fervent Faith, Barista, Compline, John Allen Chau (1991-2018),and Shoah, Wood questions religious faith, and its meaning in our cluttered world. And readers will indulge in the absurdity and frivolity of Celebrities and Tourist attractions in Beverly Hills in Ars Gratia Artis At The Getty Center, Who Loves Me, Hollywood & Highland, and the title of the collection, Zen in Beverly Hills.

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