Manuscript Submissions Are Closed

Manuscript Submissions are currently CLOSED. Thanks! 

Rachel of gal-friday publicity is a top developmental editor and marketing/pr strategist. You may want to consider hiring her before you begin formally pitching your book in Vancouver, Toronto or NY.

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3 responses to “Manuscript Submissions Are Closed

  1. Maureen Lyall

    I have self published a book, and I was not impressed at the self publishing process. I want to publish children’s books, I have about 7 books written. I was on the Internet to check out the children’s publishers to send my books to, and some of them wanted an agent to send my books to them. My question is will you be willing to be my agent.
    If so how much will you cost?

    Maureen Lyall– email:

  2. Hi Heidi, I am not that interested in golf books, and they are a really hard sell. Most golfers like to play the game, not read about.
    Thanks for asking.

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