Books I’ve Sold

  • Wendel Clark with Jim Lang, Bleeding Blue, Simon & Schuster, Nov, 2016
  • Tim Hague, My Amazing Race, Penguin Random House, May, 2018
  • Craig Custance, Top NHL Coaches, Triumph Books, Oct 2017
  • Ken Reid, Hockey Card Stories II, ECW Press, Oct 2017
  • Dennis Maruk & Ken Reid, 60 Goals Or Bust, ECW Press, Oct 2017
  • Michelle Gilman, What Grandma Built, Harbour Publishing, April 2016
  • Dave Perkins, Game Time, ECW Press, Nov 2016
  • Rob Vollman, Hockey Abstract, ECW Press, Oct 2016
  • Jay Triano , Northern Hoops, Simon & Schuster, Oct 2016
  • Ken Reid, One Night Only, ECW, Oct 2016
  •  Bart Egnal, The Language of Leadership, Jossey-Bass, Jan 2016
  • Hudson Mack, And Now For The Rest Of Your News, Harbour, fall 2015
  • Kevin Gibson, Myths & Sticks, Harbour, fall 2015
  • Jody Mitic, Never Quit, Simon & Schuster, Sept 2015
  • Mark Spector, The Battle of Alberta, M&S/Fenn, Oct 2015
  • Tie Domi with Jim Lang, Shift by Shift, Simon & Schuster, Oct 2015
  • Mike Richards, 100 Things That Everyone Is Wrong About….And Why, Penguin Random House, Oct 2014
  • Julie Bertuzzi, Hockey Mom, M&S/Fenn, May 2015
  • Ken Reid, Cardboard Memories, ECW Press, Nov 2014
  • James Duthie, The Guy on the Left, Penguin, Sept 2015
  • Colleen Jones, The Queen of Hearts, Penguin Random House, Nov 2015
  • Al Strachan, 99: Gretzky, His Game, His Story, M&S/Fenn, Nov 2013
  • Brian Wood, Winter Walk, Sakura Publishing, Nov 2013
  • Ryan Sullivan, Behind The Green, Kobo/Kindle 2012
  • Bob McKenzie, Hockey Confidential, HarperCollins, 2014.
  • Ed Willes, End Zones & Border Wars, Harbour, 2013.
  • Terry Ryan, Memoirs of a 1st-Round Nothing, ECW Press, 2013.
  • Al Strachan, I am not Making this Up, Kobo e-books, February 2012
  • Peter Robinson, Leafs Fan, Dundurn, Sept 2012
  • Sean McIndoe, The Best Of Down Goes Brown, John Wiley, Oct 2012
  • Jamie Mclennan, Ian Mendes, Best Seat in the House, John Wiley, October 2012
  • Ellen Roseman, Fight Back, John Wiley, January 2013
  • Al Strachan, Why The Leafs Still Suck, HarperCollins, Oct 2011
  • Al Strachan, Over The Line, Fenn/M&S, Oct 2011
  • Sean Pronger & Dan Murphy, The Journeyman, Penguin, Oct 2012
  • William B Davis, Where there’s Smoke, ECW press, October 2011
  • Holger Petersen, Talking Music, Insomniac Press, October 2011
  • Sarah Daniels, Buying & Selling a Home for Canadians for Dummies, REVISED edition, Wiley, Feb 2011
  • Zack Spencer, Motormouth 2011, Wiley, Nov 2010
  • Al Strachan, I am not Making this Up, Fenn Publishing, October 2010
  • Sophie Dikeakos, Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe, (Forthcoming)
  • Red Robinson, The Last DJ, (Forthcoming)
  • Terry David Mulligan, TDM, Heritage House, September 2011
  • James Duthie,The Day I (Almost) Killed Two Gretzkys, John Wiley, September 2010
  • Brian Kilrea and James Duthie, They Call me Killer, John Wiley, September 2010
  • Sarah Daniels, Welcome Home,  John Wiley, December 2009
  • Chad Viminitz, Money Assassins, Insomniac Press,October 2009 (assisted by OutRight Communications and Rachel Sentes)
  • Tony Parsons, A Life In The News, Harbour Publishing, October 2009
  • Al Strachan, Why the Leafs Suck, HarperCollins, September 2009
  • Zack Spencer, Motormouth, John Wiley, September 2009
  • Bob McKenzie, Hockey Dad, John Wiley, September 2009
  • G Siu and P Heffelfinger, Memphis Blues BBQ, Whitecap Books, April 2008
  • Jean-Francis and Alessandra Quaglia, New World Provence, Arsenal Pulp Press, November 2007
  • Dolly and Annie Watts, Where People Feast, Arsenal Pulp Press, April 2007
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