Calling in sick on yourself

You know it’s very difficult to call in sick when you are self employed.

You have to find a cell phone ( since I don’t own one- don’t get me started..I know…I know… how does an agent function without one- but I do very well thank you), and once you find one ,you have to dial and hope you get the answering machine so you don’t have to explain just how ill you really aren’t.

If you are lucky enough to get your own answering machine then you can say the rehearsed speech with a really ill sounding voice ( If you are a girl you can sound sexy like Lauren Bacall) and maybe you’ll get away with not having yourself call you back and demand you show up.

Today was one of those days. I just couldn’t answer one more phone call or open one more manuscript so I called in sick. I know I’ll regret it, my paycheque will reflect it, but until they can come up with a way to give sick days to the self-employed I’m afraid I’m going to have to suffer with the lost wages.

So if any of you out there think that being an agent is all roses and money. Think again. And think really hard before you send me (or gal-friday) your manuscript- cause with the mood I’m in today you had better hope it’s a best-seller!!


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