Self-Publishing Addressed

Hi, some nice person said they were considering self-publishing, and after reading my tip that said don’t do it- they asked why?
Well in my honest opinion I’m of the belief that publishers should be paying YOU to publish your book and not the other way around.

On reason I dislike self publishing is that when you self-publish no matter WHAT the POD press tells you- you will NOT get into bookstores except through consignment which will take about 48% of your retail value. Sure, places like Author House and I-Universe talk a good game, and they will list you on internet sites but they won’t get you where you want to be- which is on the bookshelves. At least not before you’ve shelled out all your money.

Now if you were only planning to sell say 50 books to friends and family- then why not? You can even go through something like the Cafe Press at the University of Alberta a machine that prints your book out for you while you wait.
But if you actually want to make some money and really want people to read it, or a newspaper review it- then think carefully before you lay that money down.
With a traditional publisher comes credibility and distribution and those speak volumes.

Try an agent- they aren’t all bad. In fact I’m pretty good. And so is my partner in crime at

I hope that helps a little. Of course if you want all the reasons- then contracts signed in blood will have to be signed!!


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