After the Superbowl

During the Superbowl ( I am a HUGE fan of football- so if you are a famous football player who wants to write a book I WILL return your phone call), I ate my world famous Waldorf Fruit Salad and three danishes and Lay’s Classic potato chips. Mmmm Potato Chips.

After the game, I settled in to watch the repeat broadcast of the Federer-Nadal Australian Open Final. I am also a true fan of tennis and get onto the courts at least once a week, although I don’t know if that is going to help when the famous gal-friday comes to town. Apparently she is a provincial medal winner who is bound and determined to beat me. We’ll see. Mind you if I keep eating all those danishes she might have something on me!

I was disappointed that Federer lost though not as sad as he was, but here’s hoping he can come back in the U.S Open.

For those of you who know my work- you’ll recognize that the work of a literary agent is never done. There are NO weekends in my line of work. So I settled in to read some manuscripts submitted by some clients. I do enjoy reading new work, and I have an amazing piece just waiting on my desk next weekend courtesy of a client in Edmonton. I can’t wait!

So here is my tip Number 2: Don’t expect your book to be a classic
Why? Let’s draw from an American favourite:

” A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read.”
Mark Twain- speech- “The Disappearance of Literature,” 19th Century Club, November 20, 1900. quoted in Mark Twain’s Speeches edited by Albert Bigelow Pain, 1923 ( Holy jebus- the citation is longer than the quote- that’s why being a literary agent is tough- you actually have to assign quotes to the proper people!)

Well that’s it from me and that’s it from him



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