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I guess it’s time for a yearly post. Or rather a post, since yearly is pushing it! So, it’s 2021 and I am hoping that a vaccine for the worst pandemic in 100 years is going to roll out to everyone quickly so we can grasp some semblance of normalcy after last year’s insanity. I do have to say though, that in some ways the pandemic did make my job as an agent a little easier. Because so many people were stuck at home instead of out doing tours or travelling,  I was able to reach potential clients easier and they had time to work on writing outlines and sample chapters. 2020 was also the year I had three of my books reach best-selling status on the same weekend. Quite a feat!

This year I hope to reach my goal of selling 100 books as an independent agent. And I’ll be releasing my third book of poetry- Zen in Beverly Hills in the spring with Equation Books, a new Canadian imprint.
So, I wish all the best to all my readers, ( Ken Reid) and keep safe and healthy this year!


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  1. Ken Reid

    Yes a shout-out!

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