The Phone and all its uses

When is a phone conversation too long? When you’ve come full circle and start repeating the same comments over and over again? When you forget why you called in the first place? When you start speaking about banal food choices and whether something is frozen or not? When you start answering everything with a question in a sing songy voice?
Yup. I’d say just about then.

Of course it’s always good if you are on the phone a great deal to invest in a portable phone. That way when you are speaking with someone and you really have no interest in what they are saying, you can do other things around the house like sweeping ( if your maid isn’t due to arrive the next day), or cooking up a nice bowl of poutine. Even in a small home, a portable phone ( when it doesn’t need recharging) is handy and shows that you really are a multi-tasker.

As an agent I am on the phone 3/4 of the day so a phone is a lifeline. But despite what you may think I don’t actually own a cell phone. Why? Because I don’t need one. In fact most people, except for maybe neurosurgeons really need a cell phone. Life isn’t as rushed or as important as most people make it out to be. And the world has become to reliant on the need to communicate every second of the day ( I have gmail for that!)

How many times have you been in line for a cashier when someone is either on the phone in front of you or are actually conversing as they are completing their transactions? Did we all really have to hear about how dumb your coworker was? Or that you wanted to tape something on television but forgot to set your dvd recorder? How did we live before hearing all these common excruitatingly boring daily transgressions everywhere we go?

By not having a cell phone I’m saving all of you from more noise pollution and from hearing the really boring chatter like how many buns and danishes I ate yesterday, and that I really only have decaf once in awhile, and that I know that my friend is probably really good at playing tennis I just don’t want to admit it.

So I’ll close with this little tip

Don’t answer the phone. If it’s important they’ll call back. If they don’t well someone might have died so maybe forget my first tip and answer the phone just in case. But don’t spend to long on there, some of us don’t have call waiting.


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