Much Ado about Something

Well, it’s almost the end of October so I guess I need to blog again. People keep telling me to get onto the social media bandwagon, but I really hate it. People are lucky if I turn my cell phone.  I love email and I love using the phone but that’s about it. I admit, that there have been moments when my cell phone has been of great use to me, but I don’t want to be that ‘guy’ on the skytrain that tells the person on the phone “I’m on the skytrain.” Sadly, that’s already happened to me, but I’ll get over it. I don’t know if the people on the train will.

The other night I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my great clients, James Duthie, Author of The Day I Almost Killed Two Gretzkys. He was signing books down at the Chapters on Broadway. It was great to see the displays and meet some of his fans.

Of course this is a great time to pick one up for Christmas!

Here are a few pics!

Brian Wood and James Duthie

James Duthie signing his books for fans

The Day I Almost Killed Two Gretzkys

Rachel Sentes, James Duthie and Brian Wood


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